Joerns Healthcare has announced the sale of its furnishings business to Akin Industries.

Joerns is focusing exclusively on prevention and healing, including rental and sale of bed frames, therapeutic support surfaces, negative pressure wound therapy and patient handling, said senior vice president Mark Hostak.

“As a result, the Design and Furnishings business no longer aligns with our strategy,” he said. “The furnishings category has been an important part of the Joerns heritage and it was essential we find the right partner with a vested interest in serving the many loyal customers Joerns has worked with over several decades.”

Mike Akin of Akin Industries said the company was looking forward to working with customers.

“Akin Industries has enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Joerns Healthcare for the past six years,” said Mike Akin. “We are a family-owned company and the Akin name has been associated with the long-term care furnishings business for over 25 years.”