White Oak Healthcare Finance in New York announced Tuesday that it will enter the healthcare real estate investment market under the leadership of four hires.

Jeff Erhardt, Paul Nevala, Mike Treiber and John Brussard are on deck to build out the entity, which will initially invest up to $500 million. The team founded Capital Healthcare Investments, which grew to $300 million in assets over two years. Before that, it worked at GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services, where Erhardt was the head of the healthcare real estate equity platform, Nevala was head of long-term care investment research, and Treiber underwrote and managed healthcare real estate equity and debt deals.

The team’s new group will focus on investments in seniors housing and skilled nursing properties using triple net leases and joint-venture RIDEA structures, the company said.

“With this world-class team and new product addition, we continue to expand and have a greater impact in serving the growing healthcare real estate market,” said Isaac Soleimani, managing director and partner at White Oak.

White Oak Global Advisors is a lender to all subsectors within the healthcare industry including skilled nursing, pharma and life sciences, medical devices, healthcare technology, healthcare real estate and hospitals.

“White Oak not only has flexible capital, but also has a dedicated team of knowledgeable healthcare focused professionals that offer competitive and creative structures,” said Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Jeff Erhardt.