Central Logic, a healthcare access and orchestration company, has acquired Omaha-based Ensocare, which automates inpatient referrals to post-acute care.

Central Logic’s flexible technology currently focuses on referrals and transfers into a health system by uniting all available provider, facility and transportation resources to enable them to operate as one system of care. This approach enables the seamless orchestration of patients to the appropriate care level and setting without delay.

Ensocare expands Central Logic’s solution to include successful transitions beyond hospitals to post-acute care settings — including skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, long-term acute care centers and home — by tapping into Ensocare’s network of more than 50,000 PAC providers nationwide. Placement confirmations are secured, on average, within 30 minutes.

“This strategic acquisition means that our solutions will now span the care continuum from acute to post-acute care, which will improve transitions into, through and out of the health system, creating true ‘systemness’ for our clients,” said Angie Franks, CEO of Central Logic. “By operating as one, health systems can offer a more seamless experience for their patients across all acuity levels while enabling providers to stay connected and strengthening the relationships with PAC providers in their communities.”

Hospital discharge transitions

About 40% of Medicare beneficiaries are discharged from the hospital to post-acute facilities. With a large aging population, U.S. health systems face growing pressures to streamline transitions and optimize patient outcomes while controlling costs.

“Our fully integrated solution will provide visibility and access to data that ensures hospital beds are freed in a timely manner when inpatient care is no longer necessary,” Franks said. “Further, this kind of efficient orchestration and navigation creates bed availability and access for incoming patients, creates more time for clinicians to operate at the top of their license and elevates revenue capture and reduction of system leakage.”

Regional solution

Central Logic says it is now the only solution in the market that provides region-wide acute care transfer, transport and post-acute care transfer capabilities in one platform.

“This combination of two market leaders with a shared vision of optimizing healthcare access and orchestration is creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts,” Franks said. “The combined 800 hospitals and health systems that Central Logic will now work with will benefit from access to a flexible, purpose-built solution that delivers health systems the necessary network-wide visibility and controls to centralize and standardize all transitions of care.”

Previously, the two companies shared only a small number of clients, which Franks said presents an excellent opportunity for market expansion for Central Logic.

The 800 hospitals and health systems that will now use Central Logic’s technology include 150,000 providers and more than 5 million patients for 14% of U.S. inpatients annually.