DrySee’s liquid intrusion alert bandage

Wound care technology company DrySee has introduced a patented waterproof bandage with a liquid intrusion alert.

Often doctors recommend post-procedure patients avoid showering to keep a wound dry. With DrySee, patients can shower without worrying about wounds because they will be visually alerted if any liquid penetrates the bandage. 

The waterproof bandages provide a secure, waterproof covering for low exudate wounds. The gauze barrier around the perimeter of the bandage turns from light blue to dark blue if wet. If liquid passes through the second adhesive ring and reaches the wound site, or if the wound seeps fluid, an internal gauze pad turns dark blue, alerting that a bandage change is necessary.

DrySee bandages can last up to three days, so the maker says patients may be able to reduce the number of bandage changes they need to complete during recovery. They are available in packages of 25 for online purchase.