Diagnotes Inc. and Advanced Healthcare Associates have announced an expanded partnership that will place the Diagnotes mobile and web-based clinical communication system with AHA’s medical directors, physicians and nurse practitioners at more than 100 nursing homes in Central Indiana and Kentucky.

The two companies did a pilot program in April 2014, integrating the Diagnotes system into the triage call center where more than 20 trained nurses take calls around-the-clock from AHA-staffed nursing homes reporting patient information and requesting clinician consultation and orders.

The mobile and web-based platform is designed for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, where users can use the smartphone, tablet or laptop of their choice at any location. Diagnotes pushes information — current medications, histories, allergies, etc. — from the patient’s medical record to the clinician. The closed-loop system also allows the clinician to communicate follow-up and transition information to other team members, and to document the encounter, as well as choose certain codes for billing.

AHA said it is already seeing decreased response times and increased revenue capture.

“All evidence suggests that the Diagnotes communication system will allow us to improve the quality of care we deliver, with greater efficiency and effectiveness,” said Meredith Hole, practice administrator. “We couldn’t be more pleased that we chose to partner with Diagnotes.”