StudioSIX5 has teamed up with carpet manufacturers to create carpet lines that suit their client’s needs, including carpets for senior living, hospitality, multifamily and student housing projects as well.

“Oftentimes, manufacturers don’t have different scales of carpet in coordinating patterns and colors, so our goal with each project is to develop a series of carpets that color coordinate with one another and can be scaled to fit any size space,” said Dean Maddalena, president of StudioSIX5.

In addition to traditional broadloom, which is a 12-foot-long roll, the company recommends carpet tiles that come in squares, rectangles or planks. They are ideal for senior living because they have a lower pile height, making it easier for seniors to walk or roll on and making the transition between carpet to LVT (luxury vinyl tile) seamless, Maddalena said.

“When you consider all the criteria of selecting quality carpet, it is helpful when our team works with manufacturers to create designs. We make sure the patterns and colors can be incorporated into traditional, transitional or contemporary environments around the country,” Maddalena said.