CPSI, the parent company of American HealthTech, announced plans last week to buy Get Real Health, a technology company based in Rockville, MD.

The acquisition will allow CPSI to strengthen its community healthcare portfolio, the company said. It is expected to yield approximately $1 million for CPSI, primarily from the replacement of the company’s existing patient engagement solutions.

Get Real Health offers Ellie™, which addresses chronic care patients, Instant PHR®, a patient portal and CHBase™, which combines clinical and personal healthdata.

Get Real Health also recently announced Lydia™, a platform where patients can share their health information with family and providers.

“The demographics and population make-up of the communities we serve to support the growing demand for strategies and tools to address the on-going management of chronic care conditions, which are prevalent in these areas,” said Boyd Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI. “Helping our customers secure the future of community healthcare is what we focus on each and every day. By acquiring Get Real Health, we can continue this effort as providers evolve to a value-based care delivery model.”