The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies  has released tools designed to help providers understand technology for addressing social isolation.

“This is a real problem that older adults, caregivers, and providers want to — and need to — address. Fortunately, a growing number of companies are responding to this market demand with innovative technological solutions and services,” said Majd Alwan, Ph.D., LeadingAge Senior Vice President of Technology and Executive Director of CAST. “From relatively simple applications, such as text and picture chats, to the more complex, like virtual reality companion avatars, and robots, tech-based tools and solutions can help. This resource helps providers and consumers alike select solutions that meet their needs.”

These assets include a whitepaper and interactive guide. A product selection matrix compiled by CAST compares and contrasts 40 different products developed for older adults and an online selection tool to help prospective buyers/users select the tools and approaches best suited to their needs. There also are provider case studies.