A new case study, updated electronic health record portfolio and a new CAST 7-stage EHR Adoption Model are among the offerings in the latest LeadingAGE Cast Electronic Health Records Selection Portfolio.

Providers can read a whitepaper with the online guide in order to understand different technology options, or view the new CAST 7-Stage EHR Adoption Model. LeadingAge CAST’s Product Selection Matrix and Online Selection tool compares 20 different products. This year the matrix is published in Excel.

“The CAST EHR Selection Portfolio’s new 7-stage adoption model was tailored to help long-term care providers not only improve efficiency, but also quality of care for their residents,” said Majd Alwan, Ph.D., executive director of CAST. “We hope that our new adoption model will make it easier for more and more providers to integrate advanced EHR functionalities into their operations, and use them to continuously improve care quality.”