Cantex Continuing Care Network and Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, along with Netsmart, have announced the successful launch of the Netsmart Referral Manager

The product drives processed referrals and operational efficiency, the companies said.

Executives noted that post-acute care providers often are using tedious referral processes instead of taking advantage of automation.

The Netsmart Referral Manager accepts electronic referrals and automates the referral process, eliminating the need for phone calls, faxes and manual data entry.

Cantex and Diakon said they implemented Referral Manager throughout their entire network of provider facilities. Qualified referrals increased, while the time required to process those referrals decreased by 73%, they said. 

Diakon said the Referral Manager shared platform has enabled Diakon to maintain a 95% occupancy rate.

“We have been able to remove a lot of the cumbersome documentation, which has allowed us to become more seamless with our work,” said Deanna Ziemba, Diakon senior vice president. “The visibility and ease of documenting and viewing are pain-free for our staff. Referral Manager is so user-friendly, intuitive and provides a view of the status of the referral at any given moment.