Cadillac Products has launched its ProTEC-USA line with immediate availability of medical-grade EZDoff gowns.

The gowns are designed to maintain the integrity of comfort, flexibility and safety for all end users’ needs, while also conforming with AAMI PB70 Barrier Level 1, 2 and 3 standards, withstanding water spray and water penetration under constant contact with increasing pressure.

ProTEC-USA provides medical professionals and supply chain distribution networks with domestic-based, fully certified EZDoff protective medical gowns, made entirely in the United States. The EZDoff gowns are engineered to maintain effectiveness and mitigate potential self-contamination during doffing of contaminated PPE. The wearer doesn’t have to touch the outer surface of the EZDoff gown to remove it, potentially protecting against consequential contamination.

Product benefits and features include:

  • One size fits all eliminates the needs to manage various size inventory
  • Perforated rear yoke enables safe, easy doffing of gowns
  • Sleeve with thumb loop ensures full arm and wrist protection, simultaneous glove donning
  • Apron closure and open-back design maintains a cool temperature for users during work performance