Arete Rehab is joining Senscio Systems on a new initiative that focuses on caring for patients with complex health conditions when they go home.

Senscio’s artificial intelligence technology, Ibis™, will work with Arete Rehab’s remote analysis of patient health indicators to help seniors with conditions like COPD, CHF and diabetes self-manage.

Ibis can use its intelligence and predictive capabilities to proactively respond to health exacerbations that could require medical intervention, possibly reducing the risk of rehospitalizations. Ibis participants use a touchscreen monitor to receive direct support from a dedicated care team, including the patient’s primary care physician, a nurse practitioner, an Arete Rehab therapist and an Ibis™ clinician.

The system tracks vital signs, promotes medication compliance, and encourages appropriate exercise and activity levels, and improved attendance at in-person medical appointments.