AMS Onsite, an infection prevention provider catering to long-term care facilities, and its CoastalDx lab are working with PruittHealth to expand COVID-19 testing capabilities at multiple locations.

Providing certified infection preventionists, AMS Onsite’s team of dedicated clinical professionals deliver infection control leadership, support, training, and resident and staff testing to meet more stringent infection control measures, which the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services adopted in March. 

AMS Onsite’s comprehensive infection control and prevention program, Sterisis, was specifically developed for long-term and post-acute care communities. Onsite infection control measures, which include testing for 37 distinct pathogens, including COVID-19, are returned within 24 hours. 

In addition to the COVID-19 testing for PruittHealth and other providers, AMS Onsite’s infection control programs include:

●      Management of a comprehensive infection control program, which includes dedicated infection preventionist for each facility and access to AMS Onsite medical directors and pharmacists; 

●      Remote live monitoring of resident EHRs with real-time interventional analytics powered by Real Time Medical Systems

●      Real-time infectious disease outbreak alerts to help manage, contain and combat outbreaks; and 

●      Access to full laboratory services.

“For 50 years, PruittHealth has put our patients’ health and safety first, and we are fiercely dedicated to preventing the spread of infectious diseases among our population,” said Neil L. Pruitt, Jr., chairman and CEO, PruittHealth. “Combining AMS COVID-19 testing capabilities with data-driven insights allows us to continue to protect our patients and caregivers.”  COVID-19 antibody testing provided by Sensiva Health will further protect both patients and staff.