Change Healthcare said it has applied its Claims Lifecycle Artificial Intelligence technology to its management suite by introducing Assurance Reimbursement Management™ Denial Propensity Scoring and Revenue Performance Advisor Denial Prevention. 

The AI in the applications can allow customers to predict denials, optimizie claims submissions and provide recommendations, the company said.

“Making these AI-infused solutions available in the workflow of existing Change Healthcare solutions means that providers don’t need to purchase additional third-party applications or services, undergo training, or change their billing solutions to quickly reduce denial propensity,” said Nick Giannasi, Ph.D., executive vice president and chief artificial intelligence officer, Change Healthcare.

A recent Change Healthcare analysis found that its AI could identify and flag up to 35% of denials prior to submission, potentially saving $6.2 billion.

“This is the first application of artificial intelligence to predict and reduce denials that operates at scale,” said Marcy Tatsch, senior vice president and general manager, Revenue Cycle Management, Change Healthcare. “Bringing all of these capabilities together and preventing a significant burden is a real game-changer for revenue cycle management, which, until now, has been a more retroactively focused process.”

Claims Lifecycle AI for denials is now within Change Healthcare’s claims management suite, including Assurance Reimbursement Management (for hospitals and health systems, billing services, and other providers) and Revenue Performance Advisor (for physician practices, labs, home health, medical billing services vendors, and other providers), the company said.