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A former employee of a Pennsylvania pharmacy was sentenced to probation and community service on Tuesday for her role in a scheme to repackage drugs that went unused by area nursing homes.

Correna Pfeiffer, manager for Aliquippa Med-Fast Institutional Pharmacy, was part of an investigation into Med-Fast’s repackaging practices that concluded with a $2.7 million settlement and charges against an executive earlier this month.

Pfeiffer, the first employee named in the case, pleaded guilty to charges that she helped facilitate a scheme in which the pharmacy would pick up unused drugs from nursing homes and bring them back. Pharmacy employees would then remove the medications from their original packages and restock them for use in future prescriptions, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

As a result, medications with different makers and expiration dates were mixed in with other stock, authorities said. Employees would use fake labels on the repackaged drugs.

“Med-Fast looks forward to putting this matter behind us and the continued service of our customers,” a spokeswoman for the company told the Post-Gazette at the time of the settlement.