A patient-monitoring product once available only in hospitals is pushing into skilled nursing facilities, providing a new way to monitor residents with chronic cardiac conditions.

The Allure Group is using TelemetRYK to closely monitor selected cardiac patients at its Hamilton Park Nursing & Rehabilitation and Bedford Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, both in New York. Integration of the technology is expected to follow shortly in their other facilities there. 

TelemetRYK provides 24-hour, constant patient monitoring of vital signs among residents experiencing signs of COPD or CHF. 

The Allure Group expects TelemetRYK will reduce hospital readmissions and associated costs by improving communication between medical and frontline staff and heading off crises.

TelemetRYK by RYK Solutions combines assistive technology, devices and applications to support physicians, care workers and staff. The RYK system uses biosensors for seamless data collection and is compatible with existing telemedicine platforms including TeleHealth Solution.