The Long-Term Care Commission is looking for feedback from providers following its second meeting held yesterday.

The 15-member committee met to hear recommendations regarding the topic “Populations in Need of LTSS and Service Delivery Issues” and worker issues. Experts from various medical facilities, universities and research centers spoke. 

The committee is expected to make long-term care recommendations to Congress by the end of September and is seeking input from LTC providers, in addition to its various panels.

Providers can submit a comment abstract, which is a one-to-two page (double-spaced) overview of a provider’s major points or a description of his or her proposal. Another option is submitting a single attachment, which can be more detailed and any length.

Proposals should be entered as a Word document or PDF and attached in an email to

According to the commission’s website, copies of the submissions will be given to the members during deliberations and a list of received proposals will be posted online.