Sarah B. Eckard, RN

As the director of nursing at the 120-bed Camelot Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation center in Granite Falls, NC, Sarah B. Eckard is happy to be able to pull real-time data, thanks to Nurse Rosie’s Vital Signs Monitoring. It began using the system in January of this year. 

 “We wanted to reduce the time it took to do documentation,” she says. Staff “held on to writing down vitals for a while, but now they trust it. You can compare data easily.”

The benefits have been having data at her fingertips, and a boost in accuracy and productivity, she says.  It will also lower costs.

“To me, it’s great because [the vitals] aren’t on someone’s worksheet,” Eckard says. “I can pull it quickly. When a family calls, I have it. 

“People have come from 100 to 200 miles away to see how it works,” she adds. 

The center also has begun using Nurse Rosie’s scales to have more accurate information on weight.

Real-time data solution

Nurse Rosie products include vital signs and weight measurements, and blood glucose readings that go into the resident’s electronic records in real-time, eliminating errors and delays. 

For more information: 

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