I couldn't live without... Med-Mizer Pivot-Rehab 1000 swivel bed
I couldn’t live without… Med-Mizer Pivot-Rehab 1000 swivel bed

Sarah Maxwell says her job became a lot easier with the introduction of the Pivot-Rehab 1000 swivel bed from Med-Mizer.

The physical therapy assistant at Talihina (OK) Veterans Center says the ergonomics and pivoting action of the bed greatly relieve the burden of lifting and repositioning bed-bound patients.

“From a rehab standpoint, this bed works well because we can get patients from a supine position into a sitting position without a lift or holding them up to gain sitting balance,” she said. “Instead of laying them back down, they can sit back and relax.”

The facility currently has six pivot beds in use. The staff of two physical therapists and three aides has given it high marks because it lets one person do the job of two or three, Maxwell said.

“We don’t have to roll patients to get the lift behind them — it is much less invasive,” she explained. 


Therapeutic pivot bed

For rehab patients recovering from surgery, broken hips or strokes, the Med-Mizer PR 1000 pivots and swivels from a supine to sitting position. The bed features embedded controls, a rolling head section, ergonomic assisting bars and a pressure-reduction sleep surface to prevent wound-causing skin shear.

For more info: (877) 867-7365 or www.med-mizer.com.