The House of Representatives reauthorized the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Act of 2017 (H.R. 959) in July.

The House also affirmatively included clinical nurse specialists in the bill.

The legislation, which expands nursing education grants to include education programs for clinical nurse leaders and combined registered nurse and graduate degree programs, provides more accessibility to education, said Amy Stewart, BSN, RN, AADNS Curriculum Development Specialist.

Specific to long-term care, “the bill extends loan repayment and scholarships for geriatric care education through fiscal year 2022,” she added.

The bill addresses care concerns related to the nation’s most vulnerable populations, including the elderly. It also acknowledges the need for specialized education to improve the quality of care for them.

“For long-term care, this means assistance in obtaining specialized geriatric education so that nurses can positively impact care of the residents,” Stewart explained.

Overall, the goal of the legislation is to support advancement of nurses and the nursing workforce.