Dave Almquist, Genesis executive vice president and president of the company’s West division

The nation’s largest provider of skilled nursing services is teaming with the University of New Mexico Health System in an effort to tackle the growing issue of hospital readmissions among nursing facility residents.

The partnership between Genesis HealthCare and the health system aims to boost local access to skilled nursing facilities, reduce hospital readmissions and improve clinical outcomes among Genesis residents, according to the company’s September announcement.

The project also will include efforts to streamline the transition from hospital to post-acute care facility for residents in the Albuquerque area and across the state. 

Patients in the UNM health system will have 24/7 access to beds at Genesis locations, including a “customized,” more efficient admissions process.

The program also will integrate UNM physicians into Genesis facilities, beginning with a new 26-bed mental health unit at St. John Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Albuquerque, which is set to open later this year. 

Future post-acute pathways created through the program will focus on orthopedics, pulmonary care, cardiac care, neurology, mental health and recovery.

“This collaboration will better coordinate patient access to post-acute treatment and ultimately improve patient outcomes through increased clinical coordination and physician oversight as patients transition to our centers,” said Dave Almquist, Genesis executive vice president and president of the company’s West division. 

“We are confident that by collaborating with UNM specialists, we will further improve patient outcomes and prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations.”

The new partnership also mirrors the nationwide shift to more efficient, value-based care with improved outcomes, Almquist added.