Top long-term care providers and other aging services entities will rise to new national prominence next September. That’s when Fortune magazine will publish its first “Best Workplaces in Aging Services” list.

Fortune, in conjunction with the Great Place to Work Institute, currently publishes nearly 20 “top workplace” lists, including for healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. Google topped the magazine’s most prized list again this year — the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

“Great Places to Work is realizing senior care is a legitimate industry and deserving of its own list,” said Jacquelyn Kung, Ph.D., MBA, who formally announced plans for the aging services list Monday. She is the CEO of Activated Insights — Fortune and Great Place To Work’s partner in creating the new list.

Any long-term care or senior living operator, as well as other aging services entities, can submit an application. Entry information be found here. A fee is collected to cover the survey and certification evaluation, organizers said, emphasizing it is not a “pay for play” gambit. Companies of all sizes will compete on an adjusted, even playing field, they added.

Kung said the evaluation process takes about a month and must be booked in advance. The final day to become certified — which is necessary to become eligible for the list — is June 18, 2018. The inaugural list is slated for publication Sept. 27, 2018.

“The industry having this list will help get us positive recognition, and help operators with employee recruiting and retention,” Kung said. “Everyone who applies gets their score, relative to the industry benchmark.”

Employee engagement and culture are critical criteria, organizers said. Randomly selected employees at participating companies will fill out a 54-question Trust IndexTM, which gauges workers’ perception in five areas: pride, respect, credibility, fairness and camaraderie. Other judged information will be gathered directly from the companies.