Closeup image of senior woman getting temperature check with an infrared thermometer; Credit: GettyImages-1256717963.jpg

The Yale School of Nursing has compiled a set of infection prevention resources to help nursing home staff quickly access the information they need to keep disease at bay in their facilities. 

The free online resource tool, “Infection Prevention Compendium For Long-Term Care Facilities,” was developed in collaboration with the New York Academy of Medicine, Saraya Co. Ltd. and Best Sanitizers Inc. It contains links to key information in four categories, including:

  • Infection prevention tools and resources for direct care providers, administrators and managers, and support staff;
  • U.S. and international infection control resources;
  • A summary of New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) reports; and 
  • Teaching tools

The teaching tools include five PowerPoints, one each for administrators, family members, nurses, residents and specialized contract providers. These are designed to test individual knowledge and promote shared core principles regarding infection prevention and control.  

The resources will serve as a time-saver for staff and hopefully help them to feel less alone as they continue to navigate the pandemic, the authors say.

“The impact [of the compendium] is to provide the tools and resources in an easy-to-understand and easily accessible format that can make these staff’s lives a little bit easier,” said Elana Kieffer, acting director of the NYAM Center for Healthy Aging. 

The Yale School of Nursing and the New York Academy of Medicine have formed a coalition to address infection prevention in long-term care facilities worldwide.