The National Institutes of Health has launched a virtual safety training program for workers who are at high risk of coronavirus exposure.

Program materials were developed in partnership with private sector e-learning companies and can be accessed through the NIH website. A new training tool, Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 in the Workplace, can be downloaded or viewed online.

Funding for the initiative comes from a March 6 Congressional supplemental appropriation of $10 million for preventing and reducing front-line workers’ exposure to the virus. 

“These men and women are so dedicated and as they work so hard to serve and protect the public during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Joseph “Chip” Hughes, who led the umbrella National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences’ Worker Training Program for 31 years. “I want to make sure they know how to protect their own health too. We don’t need them getting sick or taking the virus back to their families or their communities.”