A California-based operator teamed up with widely popular burger chain In-N-Out to honor its 4,000 employees on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Sun Mar Healthcare, which operates 24 skilled nursing facilities throughout southern California, contracted the burger chain to host cookouts for employees throughout the month of May. 

For about a three-week period, In-N-Out sent cookout trucks to each facility and provided lunch to staff members. The cookouts also featured giveaways for employees — including a “Superheroes Wear Scrubs” T-shirt. 

“We believe our team members are true superheroes,” Bryce Porter, Sun Mar’s chief marketing officer said. 

“They put themselves on the front lines of this pandemic around the clock out of love and compassion to the seniors for which they care. They go and do the work that few people are brave enough to do right now,” he added. 

The operator noted the restricted access for non-essential visitors at its facilities, and how staff members are required to pass daily COVID-19 screenings before starting a work shift.

Porter added that the company wanted to show its employees “how much they’re loved and appreciated” through the classic California burger chain. 

“The world is paying even closer attention to healthcare workers right now than ever before. The spotlight is on and we want them to truly shine. This is a moment for all team members to be applauded for their tireless and selfless work,” Porter said.