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Federal authorities announced Monday that it will be distributing $523 million in the second round of performance payments. More than 9,000 nursing homes that have successfully reduced COVID-19-related infections and deaths between September and October will receive the payments. 

Nursing homes will begin receiving the funding Wednesday, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, which will distribute the funds to about 9,200 nursing homes overall, of the eligible 13,251 facilities. HHS found that 69% of the eligible facilities met the infection control criteria for the incentive program, while 68% met the mortality criteria.

This is the second of five evaluation cycles for the second of five evaluation cycles for the incentive program, which was originally announced in August. The federal government distributed about $333 million in performance payments to more than 10,000 nursing homes during the first round.

“While less than the first cycle, the collective efforts of these nursing homes resulted in over 3,900 fewer infections relative to the rates seen in the communities where they exist,” HHS explained.

“As we approach the rollout of safe and effective vaccines for our most vulnerable, we continue the innovative program we created this year to incentivize and assist nursing homes in battling COVID-19 and applying the right infection control practices,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement

“This half a billion dollars in incentive payments will reward nursing homes that have shown results in their tireless work to keep their residents safe from the virus,” he added. 

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