Image of nurses' hands at computer keyboard

The second National Bariatric Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Conference will take place Sept. 14-15 in Austin, TX. Nurses, therapists and risk managers are among the professionals targeted to learn about technology and best practices.

The conference will provide participants with a toolkit of practical solutions to address the needs of bariatric patients. Case studies, resources and practical solutions will be offered to trace oversized patients from hospital admission to discharge and beyond.

Conference attendees will learn to:

•  Determine technologies that will be most helpful in providing dignified care to a bariatric patient

•  Recognize specific challenges in meeting bariatric patient needs in different clinical areas

•  Apply best practice and consideration for the unique needs of such patients

•  Adopt a multidisciplinary approach to caring for the bariatric patient.

For more information about the conference, which is sponsored by The International Journal of SPHM, click here.