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A Pennsylvania assisted living facility was willing to look the other way whenever one of its residents would return from a “booze run” to pander liquor to other residents, but not when its staff discovered a prostitute under the man’s bed, according to published reports.

The unidentified facility in Montgomery County said it recently informed the gentleman he would be kicked out, and resultingly lose his housing subsidy — part of the $1 million in subsidies county commissioners authorized last year to just 21 assisted living seniors — after learning he was using the liquor run profits to pay for prostitutes.

County Chief Financial Officer Uri Z. Monson described the man as a “more mobile gentleman” in his ’70s who would charge fellow assisted living residents a premium for liquor delivery.

County commissioners learned of the incident just after signing off on more than a half million dollars for one-year contract extensions at three senior facilities to house former residents from a now-defunct county assisted living facility.