Susan Wickard, RN, BSN, CWCN, CWS, CLNC

Does allowing for small movements make a significant difference?

I recently read an article addressing the movement of patients while in bed.  It was conducted in the United Kingdom and contains valuable information.

The study was conducted between January 2010 and May 2011 with 110 patients. These patients needed moving and handling and some had pressure ulcers.

The “leave in bed” system in the study is a satin top and bottom sheet that replaces the normal bed linens. It was used for positioning the patients while in bed. The patients were on numerous types of mattresses. The “in bed” system allowed for frequent micro movements.

The study showed a reduction in pressure ulcer incidence and a reduction in the number of caregivers required. Shearing and friction also were reduced. Caregivers said less physical exertion was needed when using the in-bed systems. They also were beneficial for such patients as bariatric, frail and at-risk for pressure ulcers, as well as patients who had challenging behavior problems.

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