As long-term care providers face skyrocketing personal protective equipment costs and workforce struggles, several states have worked to ensure providers have enough resources to handle the increased financial burdens caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Most states have used the Medicaid state plan amendment process to secure rate increases for these providers. In many cases, rate increases are based on how much Medicaid paid nursing homes before the pandemic,” LeadingAge explained in a blog post.


The organization recently detailed state actions taken to support providers across the country who are on the frontline of the COVID-19 fight. 

These include Connecticut, which will give nursing homes an overall 15% Medicaid boost. Initially, state officials announced a 10% rate increase for providers. It later added another 5% boost after calling on the state to do more to prevent a financial collapse of the sector.

Other states that have increased Medicaid rates include North Carolina, Rhode Island and Oregon, LeadingAge noted. 

In Alabama, the state approved a $20 per diem add on payment per Medicaid resident. One-time payments for cleaning costs are also being provided to facilities that have positive cases of COVID-19. Washington has also approved a daily add-on reimbursement of $29 for nursing homes. It’s retroactive to February 1. 

Medicaid and Medicare providers across the country have also begun receiving relief during the first two rounds of funding released under the $2 trillion stimulus package.