Two nursing homes dealing with coronavirus outbreaks are experiencing different outcomes, revealing just how fragmented the situation on the frontlines can be.

One provider, in Riverside, CA, was forced to evacuate more than 80 residents after employees failed to show up for work two days in a row. The other, in Beaver County, PA, is taking a hard-line stance to stop the spread of the disease.

Riverside’s Magnolia Rehabilitation and Nursing Center had 40 reported COVID-19 cases. Only one certified nursing aide showed up to work on Wednesday, prompting  Riverside University Health System and Kaiser Permanente to send a total of 33 licensed vocational nurses and registered nurses to care for the residents. Due to the staffing demands, Riverside said it had to evacuate the residents.

“The receiving skilled nursing facilities will undergo standard COVID-19 containment measures,” Riverside said in a press release. “This includes closing the facilities to new patients, limitations on staff to not work at other facilities, the isolation of sick patients, and close monitoring of all patients by staff. All employees use personal protective equipment.”

Attack on COVID-19 

Meanwhile, after more than 40 of its 450 patients tested positive for COVID-19, a Beaver County, PA, nursing home says all its staff and patients will now be treated as if they already have the virus. 

The Brighton Rehabilitation & Wellness Center announced its plans this week after speaking with local health agencies, CBS Pittsburgh reported. Ten of its more than 300 workers have also tested positive. In all, about 800 people live and work at the facility.

Staff members have been using N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. The facility plans to isolate and aggressively treat anyone showing symptoms. They hope the move helps stop asymptomatic people from spreading the disease around the facility. 

“We will continue some testing when it is necessary for diagnostic purposes, in order to help determine appropriate treatment. We will continue our vigilant efforts to contain the virus,” the facility said in a statement.