Jennifer Stelter, Psy.D.

Q: What is the new Resident Engagement Institute?

A:Resident activities are still viewed as “nice to have” and “fun” with no benchmarks to prove return on investment. The Resident Engagement Institute, led by Linked Senior, will offer participants immediate access to quality education, individualized consulting, publications about best practices, evidence-based statistics, and assistance with product development and improvement.

Q: Why is it important to long-term care and its employees?

A:As we begin to rebuild from COVID-19, it is time to rethink strategies across the board so residents receive consistent, preference-based engagement…. This kind of culture can improve clinical and quality outcomes; increase length of stay and revenue while reducing rehospitalizations; and decrease staff turnover.

Q: How do providers benefit?

A:The Institute will provide care partners new tools and the opportunity to engage and consult directly with experts and help them measure the satisfaction and well-being of their residents. The work of the Institute will show that resident engagement has a correlation with providers’ return on investment needs.