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John O’Connor

John O’Connor is the editorial director, vice president and associate publisher over all McKnight’s brands.

James M. Berklan

James M. Berklan is the executive editor at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

Christina Girardi

Christina Girardi is senior manager of business development.

Kimberly Marselas

Kimberly Marselas is senior editor of McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

Josh Henreckson

Josh Henreckson is a staff writer for McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

Monica Pizzi

Monica Pizzi is the senior art director.

Aminah Beg

Aminah is the graphic designer.

Craig Roth

Craig Roth is vice president and group publisher.

Denise DeVito

Denise DeVito is the associate publisher and sales director at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News.

Ginger Jones

Ginger Jones is head of pharmaceutical sales and senior manager of business development

Robin Broomer

Robin Broomer is manager of business development.

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