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Telemonitoring savings are not significant, study finds


Despite new research suggesting that a majority of U.S. adults - 56% - now embrace using a connected device at home to monitor health and share data with caregivers, telemedicine may not be the savior some forecast it to be, according to a study by Mayo Clinic and Purdue University scientists.

Short sleep cycles lead to elevated blood pressure, researchers warn


Mayo Clinic researchers have affirmed that consecutive or prolonged periods of abbreviated sleep can wreak havoc on heart rates and blood pressure, a finding relevant to practically any sleep-challenged worker or nursing home resident.

Proton-pump inhibitors increase risk of nosocomial C. diff infection: study


People who take proton-pump inhibitor medications are at increased risk for developing a Clostridium difficile infection, according to a recently published study that supports previous findings.

Mayo Clinic receives patent for GeneSight

The Mayo Clinic has received a patent for a new medication selection procedure. GeneSight uses a test to prioritize the selection of medications for patients with depression, chronic pain and other psychiatric disorders.

Allevant Solutions is created in an effort to improve rural care

Mayo Clinic and Select Medical recently announced the formation of Allevant Solutions. The firm's goal is to improve healthcare services in nursing homes and hospitals that are located in rural areas.

Residents will be anxious to use this Mayo Clinic tool

The Mayo Clinic is releasing an app for Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch called Anxiety Coach.