Angie McAllister

As fear runs rampant across the globe, Signature HealthCARE is relying on its core values to provide comfort to thousands of elders and stakeholders.

The organization launched its Spirituality Pillar in 2007. Since then, the Spirituality Pillar has worked to help reach every individual at the point of their spiritual need. To build onto this concept, the organization has embraced core values known collectively as The Sacred Six. The Sacred Six, which consists of compassion, teamwork, respect, integrity, patience and positivity, help leaders at all levels of the organization to embrace differences and find both individual and collective purpose.

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world, Signature’s Spirituality Pillar has been bold, calling on everyone within the organization to demonstrate those core values and the results have been outstanding. As an organization, Signature HealthCARE has launched a 24-hour-a-day prayer vigil that has been booked since it was introduced to the organization on March 17. Stakeholders, families and elders have signed up for either 30-, 60- or 90-minute appointments in which they are encouraged to pray or meditate for the 16,000 stakeholders and nearly 11,000 elders in their care. Because this grass roots initiative was so successful, the organization launched a second campaign asking leaders globally to join forces in blanketing the world with prayer and meditation. 

Signature HealthCARE also put out a call to action to its corporate leaders to help drive teamwork and compassion in their communities by pairing leaders with communities to adopt. In turn, these community advocates are now working on an individual basis to arrange care packages, weekly meals, and food pantries to assist the stakeholders during this time. Additionally, the organization is providing meals for all stakeholders. Plus, regional and corporate leaders have started a letter writing campaign in which all 16,000 Signature HealthCARE employees would receive a note of encouragement during this time.

Signature HealthCARE understands the value of spiritual leadership to the organization.  In times of crisis, people search for comfort as well as symbols that help build their personal faith. For example, at Riverside Care & Rehabilitation Center local leaders walked the perimeter of the building in prayer and meditation. Another example at Washington Care and Rehabilitation Center in Chipley, FL, the chaplain prepares “Take Ten” Devotions in which stakeholders and elders alike can schedule ten minutes, daily, to discuss their own fears and worries during stressful times.  At Signature HealthCARE of Clarksville, Chaplain, Bill Smith hosts neighborhood concerts which consists of him playing his keyboard and belting out songs that are requested.

All these things are demonstrations of unconditional love in a time when it is most needed. The collective inspiration drives individuals at all levels of the organization to continue to search out and operate in their purpose.

Angie McAllister is director of operations, Spirituality Pillar, Signature HealthCARE.