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The real life cost of inaccurate wound documentation

In a recent survey of wound care professionals who work in nursing homes, almost half reported observing wound documentation that was inaccurate and led to adverse patient outcomes including sepsis, gangrene, prolonged pain, transfer to ICU, amputations and even death. Study participants noted that the main causes of poor documentation are lack of wound knowledge…

The importance of professional references in the job market

Your job search process has begun. You’ve got your resume stacked with accounts of your accomplishments, your online profile is superb, and you’ve practiced your ‘elevator speech’ one hundred times. Even with all the prep-work, you’re still not quite done. Many job-seekers don’t realize the importance of professional references and create a list of them…

When your resident cannot swallow

Managing swallowing disorders (known as dysphagia) or helping older adults with the inability to swallow can pose quite a challenge. As people grow older  or experience neurological insults, such as a stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, they may suffer swallowing problems which can include the inability to swallow safely.

Low cost, high comfort: The benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is ideally suited to the needs of patients in post-acute, rehabilitation, long-term, or palliative care settings. Developed in Japan nearly 100 years ago and rooted in ancient Buddhist healing traditions, Reiki is a spiritually-based (although non-religious) modality with measurable health benefits. During a Reiki session, which typically lasts…

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