Indiana upholds nursing home moratorium, shelving 9 Mainstreet projects


A moratorium on new nursing home licenses approved by Indiana's legislature in 2015 was upheld by the state's Court of Appeals Tuesday, blocking Mainstreet Property Group from moving forward with nine projects.

State bill would exempts LTC facilities from liquor permits

Nursing homes should be allowed to serve alcohol to residents without having to pay excise taxes or permits, according to a group of Indiana seniors who want to gain an exemption from the state.

Diagnotes Inc. and Advanced Healthcare Associates team up

Diagnotes Inc. and Advanced Healthcare Associates have announced an expanded partnership that will place the Diagnotes mobile and web-based clinical communication system.

Indiana passes anti-union legislation

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) signed anti-union legislation Wednesday that will turn the manufacturing-heavy Indiana into a right-to-work state.

Indiana lawmaker proposes nursing home pay-for-performance bill

An Indiana state Senate committee has advanced a bill that would reward better performing nursing homes while generally penalizing weaker ones financially. Sen. Patricia Miller (R) proposed the bill, and chairs the Health and Provider Services Committee that moved it along this week.

New watchdog group to oversee Indiana nursing home inspections board

A new seven-member watchdog panel in Indiana will review the state board responsible for reviewing and regulating nursing home administrators.

Charges against nursing home administrators go unanswered, report says

Complaints against nursing home administrators in Indiana are less likely to reach the Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators—that state's nursing home regulatory body—than in other states, a local news report asserted.

Indiana state senator to introduce nurse background check legislation

State Sen. Patricia Miller (R) plans to introduce legislation mandating nurse background checks. The move is in response to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels's (R) decision not to pursue federal matching grants for nurse background checks in nursing homes.

Cash-strapped Indiana nixes nurse background check program

Indiana cannot afford its $1 million share of a federal nurse background check initiative. It therefore will not participate in the program, the state said Monday.