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Innovation and inspiration drive programs

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Lynne S. Katzmann
Lynne S. Katzmann

The motto for Juniper Communities is “Nurturing the Spirit of Life.” While on its face that motto refers to the personalized care we at Juniper Communities give to our residents in our assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities and memory care communities, the motto holds equally true for the company's associates. Juniper employees enjoy opportunities to further their educations, develop their professional skills and plan for their retirements. All of these programs are in addition to increases in salaries across the board and newly enhanced benefit programs.

Educational opportunities for Juniper staff begins with the “Traveling the First 40” program, which initiates new employees into the company's culture over their first 40 days as associates. Rather than throwing new trainees into the fire with little more than an introductory session and an employee handbook, “Traveling the First 40” uses coaching to help introduce associates to Juniper's compassionate culture and help them understand the company's overall mission. This intensive program nurtures retention of new team members, by provided the education, support, and mentoring needed to succeed in their positions.

Further development past the first 40 days occurs at “Juniper University,” which offers the In Touch College for Associates, The College of Lifelong Learning for residents and community-based elders, and The College of Family and Community Learning for Juniper families, adult children, and their elders throughout the community who wish to learn more about healthy aging.  These programs not only provide useful and important knowledge for associates that they can use in their careers at Juniper and elsewhere, it also serves to help to build connections between employees and the local communities where Juniper Communities are located.

Finally, Juniper Communities offers long-term development opportunities for associates, which includes a Leadership Academy and the Executive Director in Training/Administrator in Training Program (EDI/AIT). These experiential training programs include opportunities for mentorship, access to exclusive webinars and leadership training programs.

Beyond the educational programs for employees, Juniper is showing dedication and loyalty to its associates through the “Benefits for a Brighter Tomorrow” benefits program which provides an array of benefits that enrich employees' lifestyles and provide additional options for the employees.

Juniper Communities prides itself on maintaining quality of life for those in their later years. That same pride extends to quality of life for the company's associates.  Happiness creates happiness. Comfort creates comfort. Optimism creates optimism. By investing in its employees, Juniper invests in its community. It's not just good for business, it's good for the spirit of life.

Lynne S. Katzmann is the  CEO and founder of Juniper Communities.


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