Providers attending McKnight’s free Jan. 28 webcast, “From paper to paperless: An EMR success story,” will learn how workflow can be transformed virtually overnight. Attendees will learn how ITEX, a multi-facility long-term care provider, deftly and quickly made the transition from paper-based medical records to paperless. They’ll also receive practical information about selecting the right electronic medical record and partners to ensure successful implementation and a positive return on investment.

Participants also will learn about market drivers and strategic goals that led Illinois-based ITEX to its successful transformation. Topics covered will include assessing factors driving the need for EMR, why going fully electronic all at once is vital to success, and how ITEX has realized clinical and business benefits from establishing its workflows electronically.

Speakers from ITEX, HealthMedX and PIoneerPOS Solutions will be featured. The hour-long event begins at 1 p.m. (Eastern Time) and will be moderated by McKnight’s Editorial Director John O’Connor. For free registration and more information, click here.