This long-term care 'Leader' is just that

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This long-term care 'Leader' is just that
This long-term care 'Leader' is just that

 There are certain times in your life when you reach your limit, and I hit one today. I just don't think I can put up with it any longer. 

So I need to vent. No matter how I tell myself to deal with this, it's always the same outcome. And it's costing me valuable work time. It has to stop.

Well, maybe.

What's my problem? I'm addicted to publications put out by Life Care Centers of America, one of the top senior care chains in the United States. Particularly its "Life Care Leader" series.

These magazine-size publications are issued several times a year. They're glossy and full of riveting life accounts of selected residents at Life Care Centers facilities around the country. Full-page photos of proud artists, servicemen and women, musicians, train engineers and more grace the vibrant pages. The images show key moments in history, celebrities and other personal touchpoints for each story subject. They are exquisite, delicious reminders of worlds long ago — and proud reminders of who Life Care residents are today.

At four pages each, these personal features are written and edited with a deft touch and intriguing details. They are on a par with the best personal-interest magazines you can find at your local store. No, better.

And that's the problem. When the mail comes with these, I should know better but I open the big, white envelopes anyway. No matter what I was doing previously, it gets put on hold for at least a half hour, often longer (sorry, Boss). I get lost in tales of daring military adventures, brushes with greatness on movie sets, and many profound stories of "regular" men and women working steadfastly at careers for multiple decades.

So I'm calling you out, Editor Rob Alderman, Associate Editor Leigh Michels, Art Director Bob Grayson and Graphic Designer Jamie Philpott. Don't know any of you personally (other than a passing hello a few years ago to one of you). But I do know enough to tip my cap, many times over. Good work like this should be celebrated.

You actually outdid yourself this week. The "Life Care Leader WW II Special Edition" that arrived truly is "a tribute to the Greatest Generation." With rigid covers, colorful maps and an eye-popping illustrated timeline, it's a can't-put-it-down coffee book in a smaller package. What really jumps out are the historical action photos of D-Day landings, FDR, Churchill, Patton, MacArthur, Iwo Jima and much more. The photos are Life magazine-caliber, worthy of another special tip of the hat to the publication's designers and art folks.

In a word: Wow. Double-wow. The 68-page publication is a stunner.

And one of the best aspects is Life Care residents still keep center stage. This tribute is to the service men AND women of that historic era, and their stories shine through.

Granted, not every senior care operator has the means to create something like this. But they can try, and certainly can emulate the care put into creating it. This veteran scribe is compelled to shout to the rooftops about it. One can only imagine the gratitude and pride Life Care residents' family members and supporters must feel.

It won't be the same as holding it in your hands, but do yourself a favor and click here to check out what I'm talking about. (Scroll to "The Leader" and click on the cover images). They very well could be the highest-quality provider publications you'll ever see.


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