James M. Berklan

When it first happened, it was a quirky, shared moment with an acquaintance or someone I was interviewing about the pandemic. We spoke in hushed tones, almost comically sometimes because nobody else was around to hear.

We were that self-conscious and put off by it. Lately, it’s been happening more. You may have felt it too.

I’m referring to the anxious feeling when saying something good has come out of COVID-19. If you know somebody who’s died from the coronavirus or had to work or live in a place that’s been threatened by it — and who hasn’t? — you might identify with the almost sheepish feeling.

While there’s undoubtedly been a lot of bad, almost everyone can also find something good since COVID-19 started dominating the headlines. Whether it’s a safer way of providing care, or a more efficient method of communicating, or a kinder way of treating others. The markers are there.

Now it’s time to start noting some of them. There’s no reason to feel guilty or self-conscious, or think that it might be disrespectful to those who have been infected, or made the ultimate sacrifice.

On the contrary.

In fact, it’s time to take pride in what you have done to weather the coronavirus upheaval. There are new processes, better uses of existing tools, innovative discoveries. You might have already forgotten some of them because they’ve been around so long by now.

It’s a testament to you, your colleagues and your companies. You’re delivering strong caregiving, in some ways better than ever. 

It’s a reason to enter the McKnight’s Tech Awards program. Whether high-tech or low-tech, there is something that you are doing that deserves recognition. That I promise you.

McKnight’s independent judging panel will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each of four categories soon. That’s 12 winners in each of these divisions: skilled nursing, senior living and home care. Thirty-six medals in all and your name should be on one. And in the national print, online and events coverage that goes with it.

Don’t let the unfair voice in the back of your mind deprive you and some teammates from making a claim for a little recognition. 

The entry form basically asks you to describe what’s involved and how it’s helped. That’s it. There is no charge to enter.

The entry period is open for another 18 days — until May 25. That’s plenty of time to tell the rest of us about something good that you’ve done. It won’t cost a cent and the payoff could be enormous — for you and everyone in your battle-weary crew.

McKnight’s has been running this program for years. There has been no better time than now to take advantage of it. 

Find the pride. Share the pride. 

It’s OK. You’ve earned it.

Learn more about the McKnight’s Tech Awards + Summit by visiting this site. Hotlinks to all of the 2020 winners can be found here. See what’s possible.

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