James M. Berklan, Editor

We’re about four months into the Patient Driven Payment Model era. Providers have shifted attention from simply getting up and running, and surviving, to something much more nuanced: Polishing PDPM processes and getting even better.

As well they should. The trick is: How do you do it and whose information can you trust?

By and large, most of the lessons to be learned from PDPM are still to be authored. There’s just no way around that with this monumentally important payment regimen.

In the meantime, however, it’s still all about getting ahead of the pack. 

There’s a simple, free solution, especially when it comes to certain PDPM topics. It involves cutting edge information and strategy on both the payment and direct care fronts. For good measure, you’ll get education on how staff can ensure cyber attacks don’t damage your operation. Tossed in for good measure is a market overview and advice about capital gathering, as well as the latest on the growing I-SNP movement, which could save your organization’s bottom line.

I’m talking, of course, about the newly announced 14th Annual McKnight’s Online Expo. Its five webinars take place March 18 and 19 from the comfort of wherever you can get online.

Each year, thousands of long-term care professionals — including owners, operators, administrators, directors of nursing and other key players — soak up the riches of this virtual trade show. Organizers estimate that more than 50,000 have taken part in past McKnight’s Online Expos. Another record crowd is expected this year.

The personal investment is minimal: It comes at no dollar cost to attendees — including for the five continuing education credits that are available. All you really need to take part is an internet connection, working speakers on your enabled device and … an open mind.

We once again have a roster of national experts to deliver on five topics. They range from PDPM (improving competencies, as well as better wound staging to improve care and reimbursements — separate webinars!) to “Closing the door on cyber attacks.”

For a full listing of session topics, times and speakers, go to the agenda page.

We hear from long-term care pros all the time how hard it is to keep up with new regs, rules and best practices. This is the way to do it, in comfort and style.

Registration is ongoing, and easy to complete. My advice is to get it on your calendar now, and then opt in to whatever sessions you can attend.

Here’s your chance to get ahead of the pack — and stay there.

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