Cognitive Decline

3D video games may help ward off cognitive impairment in seniors


Video games that use a 3D platform may help prevent mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease among older adults, according to research published Wednesday.

Change the approach of dementia care

Change the approach of dementia care

Professional care partners have the desire to see residents flourish using best care practices but lack the education. Once they begin to employ the new techniques, they are shocked to see how residents respond and how bad behaviors diminish.

Shift work linked to cognitive declines


Nursing home staff on shift schedules might experience diminished memory and thinking skills, recently published findings suggest.

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New method for delirium


There's a new method for measuring delirium severity in older adults from researchers at Harvard and Brown Universities and the University of Massachusetts.

Protein presence in urine predicts risk for cognitive decline


The presence of protein in the urine of those with diabetes can signify a risk for cognitive decline, according to a new study.

Alzheimer's patient receives first-ever brain 'pacemaker'

In an effort that is hoped to boost memory and reverse cognitive decline, surgeons at Johns Hopkins hospital recently placed a pacemaker-like device into the brain of a patient with Alzheimer's disease. The implanted device provides deep brain stimulation via low voltage electrical charges and has been used in patients with Parkinson's disease. The first-of-its-kind operation could lead to a new treatment protocol, according to experts.

Kidney decline correlated to cognitive failure, study says


In the first study to look at cognitive function and impaired renal function, researchers at Temple University found the rate of cognitive decline was associated with deterioration in kidney function.

MRI scan predicts cognitive decline in Parkinson's patients, study finds

An MRI scan that detects atrophy patterns in the brains of Alzheimer's patients also can detect cognitive decline in Parkinson's patients, a new finds.

Study: Inhalable nasal spray slows cognitive decline in Alzheimer's patients

Insulin nasal spray could delay the decline of cognitive function in those with Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment, according to a new study.

Elderly women with sleep apnea are at a great risk for dementia, study finds

Elderly women with sleep apnea are at a great risk for dementia, study finds

Elderly women with sleep apnea had an 85% higher risk of developing mild cognitive impairment or dementia than elderly women without sleep apnea, a new study found.

Study: Onset of Alzheimer's preceded by years of rapidly accelerating mental decline

People who develop Alzheimer's disease typically experience up to six years of accelerated mental decline before the disease presents itself, according to new research.

A mile a day may keep dementia away: Study links walking with preserved brain function

The trick to staving off memory problems and cognitive decline in old age could be as simple as walking more, new research suggests.

Music: The language of well-being

Music: The language of well-being

Music can have a profound impact on long-term care residents with cognitive impairment. It triggers memories, improves mood and sparks a feeling of of connection with others.

Studies highlight positive effects of caffeine on brain health

Caffeine helps us stay alert. Research suggests it also could slow the progression of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Panel finds no evidence to support effective measures to prevent Alzheimer's

An independent panel of medical experts has determined that there is no strong scientific evidence to support several measures for the prevention of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease.

Study: Older Americans score better than English counterparts on memory test

When it comes to memory and awareness, older Americans are demonstrably more "with it" than the English, new research shows.