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Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

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Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

Rehab and ADLs

Since MDS 3.0 was initiated in October 2010, facilities throughout the United States have experienced a significant increase in “A” ADL scoring ratios. By becoming aware of your facility’s trends, there are many different ways you can improve this predicament, and receive the proper reimbursement for the services you’re providing.

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

How old is too old?

“They don’t need rehab, they’re too old!” How many times have we heard or even asked this question? Did you know that Regis Philbin turned 80 on August 25? The Dancing with the Stars cast has included Cloris Leachman, age 85, Florence Henderson, age 77, and Buzz Aldrin, age 81. Celebrities are the easiest to spotlight, but many of us have relatives, friends, and neighbors that exceed the norm.

Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L

To group, or not to group

By simply creating more confusion, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has made it more difficult for providers. In turn, providers are still expected to be ready to provide the best treatment approaches and use strong clinical judgment without government influences.

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