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Kimberly Marselas

Kimberly Marselas

Kimberly Marselas is senior editor of McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. She joined the staff in 2021 after working as a contributor for eight years. A proud journalism graduate of the University of Maryland, Kim started her career as a daily newspaper reporter and has always been drawn to stories involving children and seniors (and food). She is a fast and dedicated reader and a slow and somewhat less-dedicated half marathoner. She lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.

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Providers brace for strike at more than 50 nursing homes … COVID-19 outbreaks rise in Colorado nursing homes … 30 Virginia nursing homes with more than 4,000 beds could see new ownership this year … FDA moves to restrict mask reuse while N95 access remains limited

A vaccine pause and an impending crack

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about trust over the last week or so, especially after reading a real pick-me-up in the Washington Post about how the pandemic will lead to the splintering of societies. We’ve already seen what a year of sickness and upheaval can do to a country, and the National Intelligence Council…

Using analytics to drive post-COVID-19 referrals highlights April 29 webinar

As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services drives toward value-based care and bundled payment models, skilled nursing providers have a key opportunity to show hospitals and other potential partners that they are well positioned to help improve patient care.  Performance-driven data and analytics are a critical tool for time- and resource-strapped facilities as they…

One on One with McKnight’s

With increased attention on the distribution of the various COVID-19 vaccines, nursing homes and other long-term care facilities must be sure to still remain vigilant on another crucial area of safety this year: COVID-19 testing. Hear from Bill Pierce, administrator at Compass Park skilled nursing and rehabilitation center in Franklin, IN, about how the facility put staff members, residents and family members at ease with rapid antigen testing.

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