Bed taxes and other troubling compromises

Bed taxes and other troubling compromises


As my colleague Tim Mullaney reported last week, the Government Accountability Office has been taking a closer look at Medicaid bed taxes lately. And the investigative arm of Congress doesn't seem to care much for the view.

Researchers pave way for new wound treatment

A recent breakthrough could lead to more effective treatments for tenacious wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, according to a report in the journal Nature Chemistry.

Gay, lesbian and bisexual seniors are more likely to suffer from chronic disease, emotional problems and isolation, study says

Aging gay and lesbian senior citizens are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions and live alone, a California policy brief reported.

Providers urged to coordinate better care in vulnerable year after stroke hits

Within a year of suffering an acute ischemic stroke, two-thirds of Medicare patients discharged from the hospital either died or were rehospitalized. This is according to a UCLA-led study, published in the Dec.16 issue of the journal Stroke.

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