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Long-term care and therapy: It's complicated

There is an option in Facebook to mark your relationship status as, "It's complicated." This is a great way to sum up everything, without getting too personal. Even though posting your relationship status on Facebook is personal. It's also great way to characterize long-term care therapy.

Dementia or just new batteries needed?

Age-related changes are a natural part of everyone's existence. We can all expect to get wrinkles, gray hair, and decreases in our vision and hearing, among many other delightful changes. However, dementia is not one of these age-related changes to be taken as a "given."

Have we lost our connection to what's important?

We sometimes use high-minded phrases to describe our work and our hopes for our patients. But have we lost our connection to important words? Do they still hold meaning they once did, and if so, how strongly?

Do your residents have a 'sexy style'?

I recently read an article entitled, "J.Lo's sense of sexy style." It really made me think about the nursing home resident's role with this type of thinking.

Dehydration: Therapy should help fight it

The elderly are very vulnerable to dehydration and more than just the nursing staff have to be concerned about it. Not keeping an eye on appropriate hydration can cause a variety of serious problems.

The perfect picnic takes planning — please

Happy Independence Day! This is such a pivotal period in everyone's summer plans, and what a great time for weddings, family reunions and/or the perfect simple picnic. That goes for our frail seniors, too. I know I become happy just thinking about how great it feels to experience the fresh air, sunshine and the smell of nature, and they do too — if things go well.

Tai chi: a trend worth pursuing?

I was recently watching one of the news channels and they talked about a study that was conducted that showed that men who performed tai chi exercises lived longer. While I'm not a male, sign me up!

Pay for performance, medical necessity and Jimmo

Why would anyone mention value-based reimbursement, medical necessity and the Jimmo lawsuit in the same sentence? I feel they are all related, but it will be difficult to find the perfect balancing act to maximize the benefits of each topic.

Are standardized assessment tools our future?

With therapy documentation being put under the microscope more than ever, you would be wise to make sure standardized assessment tools are at your fingertips. Unbiased views of data and outcomes information are what you need for care planning and execution.

Palliative possibilities: Therein lies the rub

When a patient is referred to therapy, and they are receiving hospice care, then therapy needs to seek permission from the hospice company to provide any treatment. Hospice is required to reimburse the facility for the therapy services since the treatment also is included in the bundled payment rate from Medicare Part A. And, therein lies the rub.

Rehab Realities

Rehab Realities is written by Shelly Mesure, MS, OTR/L. She is the senior vice president of Orchestrall Rehab Solutions and owner of A Mesured Solution Inc., a rehabilitation management consultancy with clients nationwide.


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