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Ultralight knee brace helps people with osteoarthritis

Ultralight knee brace helps people with osteoarthritis

DJO Global recently unveiled an ultralight knee brace for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Shorter lifespans, less quality of life found for those obese and with osteoarthritis of the knee

Close to 40% of elderly Americans are obese or have osteoarthritis of the knee, or both, which, on average, eliminates 3.5 years of a positive quality of life for seniors, according to new research.

'Prehabilitation' for knee replacements quickens recovery time, researchers discover

Patients with severe osteoarthritis of the knee, which is common in seniors, experienced better leg functioning before knee replacement surgery and faster recovery times when they completed a preoperative exercise program.

Gender disparity in cost of osteoarthritis care

A new study has found that the cost associated with caring for osteoarthritis patients tops $185.5 billion per year and is dramatically higher for women than for men.

Tai Chi helps reduce pain for seniors with osteoarthritis, study finds

Seniors with osteoarthritis pain may benefit from a popular Chinese martial art. Practicing two hours of Tai Chi per week has been shown to reduce pain in older adults, a new study found.