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McKnight's wins two national 'Azbee' awards

McKnight's wins two national 'Azbee' awards

McKnight's Long-Term Care News earned two national awards at the 2015 American Society of Business Publication Editors awards presentation on Friday in New York.

Alzheimer's misdiagnoses running up big Medicare bills

Medicare beneficiaries who receive a misdiagnosis of Alzheimer's could amass between $9,500 and $14,000 in additional medical costs each year until they are correctly diagnosed, according to a new study.

Healthcare workers rank selves high in 'most meaningful' jobs list

A majority of the jobs with both high annual pay and high job meaning are in the healthcare industry, according to an interactive chart from PayScale, a compensation data website.

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Hospice care varies from assisted living, home settings: study

Assisted living residents starting hospice care may be closer to death than people receiving the same care at home, new research has found.

Eye drops could help clear cataracts without surgery

Eye drops containing a natural chemical could help seniors avoid cataract surgery, according to new research

Nursing assistant posers steal thousands from NC nursing homes: Police

Two North Carolina senior living facilities have turned over surveillance footage of women dressed as nursing assistants and then stealing residents' jewelry, a local news station reported.

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Jeb Bush wants to "phase out" Medicare ... Dementia risk may decrease by generation ... Pharmacy owner pleads guilty to assisting in $1.8M Medicare fraud

Nursing home executive director salaries up 2.16%, report finds

Nursing home executive director salaries up 2.16%, report finds

Nursing supervisors saw the largest boost in salary among nursing home employees this year.

GAO: Improvements needed on CMS screening procedures

Enrollment screenings for Medicare beneficiaries are weak, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services needs to improve verifying provider practice locations and physician licensure statuses, according to a new federal report.

Hospitals need to improve delirium detection, research shows

Hospital emergency departments need to improve their delirium detection, according to researchers from the Indiana University Center for Aging Research.

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Seniors are retiring to states where marijuana is legal... Antibiotics may lower effect of popular blood thinners... Three new Alzheimer's drugs show promise

Court dismisses lawsuit from imperiled nursing home

An Oklahoma nursing home can't appeal the termination of its Medicare and Medicaid provider services agreement without exhausting its administrative appeals, a federal court ruled this week.

State bill geared toward preventing healthcare workplace violence

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is advocating for a state bill that would require healthcare providers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence.

Tempe joins the 'dementia-friendly' city project

A city in Arizona has been named "Alzheimer's and dementia-friendly" by the White House, The Arizona Republic reported Tuesday.

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The Board of Trustees for Medicare issues annual report ... Assisted living manager faces theft charges ... Pain assessment and management is crucial for SNF transition, researchers say ... Older Americans may face $140,000 in LTC costs

Nursing facility agrees to $97,500 Disability Act settlement

A Virginia long-term care provider reached a settlement this week after complaints that it discriminated against deaf relatives of one of its residents, the Department of Justice has announced.

Cognitive impairment progresses faster in women, study finds

Women with mild cognitive impairment that can lead to Alzheimer's disease appear to deteriorate faster than men, according to new research.

'Loophole' leaves Colorado assisted living facilities unregulated

A gap in Colorado's assisted living regulations could be leaving smaller senior care facilities unregulated and uninspected, according to a report from The Coloradoan.

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Helen Holt, eldercare pioneer, dies at 101 ... CMS announces participants in hospice Care Choices Model pilot... Family awarded $10.2 million in California damages lawsuit