July 2012 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

July 2012 Issue of McKnight's Long Term Care News

July 2012


AHCA blasts cut in provider tax plan

A GOP proposal to use Medicaid provider assessments to offset subsidies to the Stafford student loan program has drawn the fire of a leading provider ...

Program seeks reduction in use of antipsychotic drugs

Federal officials unveiled a medication reduction initiative with an ambitious goal: trimming antipsychotic drug use among residents by 15% this year.

Wipes slash MRSA transmission

Daily use of antimicrobial wipes combined with standard bathing helped one facility cut its methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus transmission rate by 82%, a study found.

Medicaid fraud audits poor investment: GAO

Lawmakers blasted a Medicaid anti-fraud program that has cost taxpayers more than five times as much as it recovered.

One and done for shingles?

Seniors who've had shingles have a low short-term risk for coming down with the painful skin condition again, regardless of vaccination status, researchers say.

CNA staffing tied to fall risk

The risk for falls among newly admitted, short-stay nursing home residents is correlated to certified nursing assistant staffing levels, new research finds.

Experts critique MFP transitions

A program meant to transition nursing home residents out of institutional care and into their own communities is not meeting projected transfer rates, a national ...

Partnerships a must for SNFs

Healthcare reform efforts intended to reduce hospital readmissions are here to stay, experts said during a recent McKnight's webcast.

Antipsychotic add-on falls off FDA measure

The Senate failed to approve legislation meant to enhance antipsychotic regulations in nursing homes, despite passing the bill to which it was attached.

State News

State News: Federal officials like preventative medicine approach as a cure for state's ailing Medicaid program

Lawmakers are hoping an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for the state's ailing Medicaid program. Additionally, its plan to push seniors' ...


The 'inn' crowd

Themes are out, colors are in, as furnishings increasingly reflect boomers' demands for comfort, luxury and familiarity in settings that go beyond 'home-like'

'On the wagon'

Skin care products have gained increasing importance in long-term care as providers search for ways to keep incontinent residents comfortable and prevent decubitus ulcers from ...

60 Seconds with...

60 Seconds With...Patricia Boyer

What's the biggest area that auditors are zeroing in on?

Ask the care expert

Ask the care expert: Will our facilities face OSHA inspections?

Yes, you are correct with your "grapevine" info but inspections will be focused on more than just infections. On April 12, 2012, OSHA announced a ...

Resident care

Antibiotics best probiotics for UTIs: study

When taken daily to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections, antibiotics are more effective than daily doses of probiotics, or "good bacteria," a new study confirms.

Ask the treatment expert

Ask the treatment expert: What should I watch out for when treating darkly pigmented skin?

Caregivers must be taught how to closely examine darkly pigmented skin in order to determine tissue damage. A purplish/blue discoloration may be seen.

Wound care

Medicine for wounds showing promise

Swedish researchers are about to start clinical tests for a medication that appears to help wounds heal more quickly.

Multidisciplinary approach recommended for wounds

Poor treatment of infected foot wounds in people with diabetes can lead to lower extremity amputation, and about 50% of patients who have foot amputations ...

Ask the nursing expert

Ask the Nursing Expert: How can we integrate hospice services into our plan of care?

Hospice services can be a wonderful addition to the care we are providing. Their pain management skills are incredible


U.S. adult vaccination rates lag: study

Despite strong federal and regulatory support for mandatory vaccinations among healthcare workers — including nursing home employees — the U.S. adult vaccination rate is on ...

Study: Information, training can cut physical restraint use

Interventions such as group training sessions and the provision of supportive materials for staff, residents and relatives can help nursing homes reduce dependence on physical ...

Ask the payment expert

Ask the payment expert: How will our new e-charting system influence our reimbursement?

We are getting a new electronic charting system. Is there anything we should be aware of with the change?

Payment & policy

Report: Loophole abused

Results of a new study confirm long-term care providers' suspicions that they are being denied access to many post-hospitalization patients due to hospitals' admitting and ...

CMS extends overpayment payback window to one year

Federal regulators have relented and given state Medicaid programs a full year to collect and return overpayments made to providers.

Ask the legal expert

Ask the legal expert: What can we do about new admissions who stash their assets for Medicaid eligibility?

Senior living facilities have little, if any, ability to influence an individual's decision to set up an irrevocable trust or some other type of tax ...

Legal Matters

HealthSouth contests new building of facilities in AL

HealthSouth Corporation is opposing a deal to build two skilled nursing facilities in Alabama.

Closed facility continues fight with state

A nursing home closed 13 years ago opened a new chapter in May, when a trial between the state of New York and the home's ...

Pursuing excellence

My Mayan grandmother

So here we are, halfway through a brand new year — and what a topsy-turvy time it's already been. I just wish my Mayan grandmother ...

What's really your rate?

With a clear and certain voice, the administrator announces to the room that his rehospitalization rate at Mossy Knoll is 9%. His peers nod with ...

Thoughts on the Fed

When will the Fed raise interest rates? Probably not until we are out of the debt morass.

Having my say

Spiritual leadership for management and activities

When one hears the phrase "spiritual leadership," it usually pertains to one promoting or advocating for a religious faith through a specific church or religious ...


Built to weather the storm

When a skilled nursing facility more than doubles in size — but adds only 20 beds — and switches to a brand new model of ...

How to do it…

How to do it... Incontinence management

It is one of the most common conditions of the elderly in nursing homes, yet one of the easiest to handle poorly. Incontinence can be ...

A day in the life

A Day in the Life: Geri Olympians' competitive spirit

As elite athletes from around the globe descend on London this summer, another group of Olympians will be rooting them on from their West Virginia ...

I couldn't live without...

I couldn't live without...QuietCare

California-based senior services and housing operator Eskaton uses Care Innovations' QuietCare system to better monitor its residents and improve staff communication in memory care communities.


Institute of Medicine checklist offers healthcare IT guidance

Healthcare executives should have a full understanding of the benefits of healthcare information technology as a means for improving outcomes and lowering costs, new guidelines ...

Resident care

Study shows sickest people most dissatisfied with care

Nursing home residents, who often have at least one or more chronic condition, are among the sickest individuals treated by the American healthcare system. This ...

Company news

Extendicare leaves Kentucky, blames need for tort reform

Citing the state's lack of tort reform, a major nursing home chain has announced that it is leaving Kentucky.

Roadman new ALC president

The former head of the American Health Care Association, Charles "Chip" Roadman II, M.D., will serve as interim president and CEO of Assisted Living Concepts.

Vendor news

Analyst seeks split-up for drugmaker J&J

Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin's dream of a Johnson & Johnson break-up will not be deterred. In what amounts to a 23-page wish list, the ...

Competitive bidding program is doomed, researchers assert

Medicare's competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment was not built to last, new research asserts. The program requires skilled nursing facilities seeking DME supplies to ...

The big picture

Talk about tech tools

After reading through some of the numerous applications for our first annual McKnight's Excellence In Technology Awards — Connect Our World, I'm here to tell ...

Editor’s desk

Seeing optimism where others only have doubt

Mark Parkinson makes a lot of sense when he talks about the future of long-term care. One of his key points is that providers must ...


This leader's a team player

Convincing medical students to go into geriatrics is a tough sell, which Joseph Ouslander, M.D., knows better than anyone.